Best Shower Filter for Color Treated Hair

Washing color treated hair

How can a shower filter help protect colour-treated hair? Colour-treated hair adds a touch of artistry and uniqueness to our appearance with its fascinating hues and highlights. However, keeping such brilliant colours can be difficult, especially when subjected to the harsh realities of everyday shower water. The presence of chlorine and other chemicals in tap … Read more

How Often Should I Replace the Filter Cartridge for Optimal Hair Protection?

Shower head with attached shower filter

Filter cartridges serve a key role in protecting both water quality and, more significantly, your hair when it comes to maintaining a clean and comfortable pool or spa experience. These inconspicuous components ensure that the water you immerse yourself in is free of dirt, pollutants, and hazardous substances by properly filtering out impurities. But the … Read more

How Do Shower Filters Protect Hair?

Washing hair in the shower

Having healthy and lustrous hair is a universal aspiration. Our hair not only contributes to our physical appearance but also plays a significant role in our overall confidence and self-esteem. Whether we have short, long, curly, or straight hair, its condition can greatly influence how we feel about ourselves and how we present ourselves to … Read more

Do Any Shower Filters Actually Work?

Shower head with attached shower filter

Shower filters are equipment designed to remove impurities and contaminants from the water you use in your shower. They are usually marketed as a way to improve the quality of your shower experience while protecting your hair and skin from the destructive effects of toxic contaminants. The benefits of installing a shower filter include: It … Read more

Is It Okay to Shower with Hard Water?

A man showering

Water with a high mineral content, particularly a high concentration of calcium and magnesium ions, is referred to as hard water. It is called “hard” water because it can cause different issues on a home’s plumbing and appliances, creating problems such as deposits on fixtures and reducing the effectiveness of detergents and soaps. The following … Read more

How Do I Reduce Water Hardness in My Shower?

A man showering using a handheld shower head

Water with a high mineral concentration, such as calcium and magnesium, is referred to as hard water. Although these minerals can be beneficial to our health, they are also known to damage household plumbing and appliances. Hard water can affect the experience of taking a shower in several ways: By lowering the hardness of the … Read more

What Type of Water Filter Is Best for Hard Water?

Water filter held by a plumber

Water with a high mineral concentration, specifically calcium, and magnesium, is referred to as hard water. These minerals may benefit human health but also damage the plumbing and appliances found in residential areas. Scale is a chalky, off-white substance formed when hard water minerals are heated and cooled. One of the most noticeable effects of … Read more

Benefits of Vitamin C Shower Filter

Benefits of Vitamin C Shower Filter

It is quite likely you have had a not-so-exciting experience with sediments and contaminants in your shower water before. You might want to get a solution to that. Imagine the concept of a water filter pitcher for your drinking water, but this time, for your shower water. Yes, that is what I am talking about. … Read more