How Much Energy Does a Tower Fan Use?

Morden tower fans have evolved significantly from traditional fans. While maintaining the iconic tower-shaped design, these technologically advanced tower fans feature incredible functionality, making this fan a must-have.

The tower fans come with remote control for convenience and ease of use. Moreover, they have an integrated air purifier, a dehumidifier, an air filter that captures dust and pollen, and ionizers that neutralize microparticles in the air.

How much does it cost to run a tower fan all day?

With all these extra features, one might wonder how much electricity tower fans consume. Most tower fans on the market range in power from 6w to 110w.

But first, here’s a rough estimate of how much a tower fan might cost you each month. In the United States, the average cost of running a tower fan all night is 6 cents and 18 cents during the day.

Therefore, on a monthly basis, a tower fan is more likely to cost you 5.8$ in electricity charges, though this can vary depending on which tower fan you use.

Tower fans are classified as low wattage, average, or high wattage, so it is wise to carefully consider these before purchasing the ideal tower fan that will meet your expectations.

Below is a breakdown of Tower fan Wattage

1. Low wattage tower fan

This tower fan ranges from 1W to 44W, is intended for personal use, and can run all day at the cost of 0.15 cents in the United States.

The Honeywell QuietSet Mini Tower Table Fan is the best option for low-wattage tower fans. It uses less electricity, is quiet, and has a good price point.

2. Average wattage tower fan

These tower fans are more powerful than low-wattage fans, with an average wattage fan ranging from 45w to 60w, which consumes more electricity and costs an average of 20 cents per day if the fan is turned on all day.

Most of these tower fans have four-speed settings or more, with the ability to blow gently to a strong breeze and over 140 degrees to cover multiple directions at once.

The best tower fan for this category is the Dreo Nomad One Tower Fan with Remote. This portable bladeless tower fan is equipped with amazing product features that make it fit for home and office.

Notable features of the Dreo Nomad one tower fan are the 90° oscillation and calibrated airflow path, which covers a wide area of the room.

In addition, it has an 8-hour timer, auto mute, and a supercharged electric motor that blows a high-speed breeze in your direction to create a cooling effect.

3. High wattage tower fan

High-wattage tower fans are more powerful than the ones we’ve seen, with wattages ranging from 61w to 110w or higher. These tower fans are suitable for use in any room, including the office, living room, kitchen, bedroom, and home office.

This high-wattage tower fan can cost more than 21 cents if left on all day. The Lasko Silver T42951 Tower Fan Size 42″ is the best and most reasonably priced tower fan in this category.

The Lasko fan is designed with a sleek and sturdy curve that blends with any interior setting, a remote control that is easy to use, and three adjustable speed settings that make this tower fan ideal for large offices, living rooms, and bedrooms.

It features a 7.5-hour timer with a quiet nighttime mode that decreases the fan speed during hot summer nights so you can sleep peacefully and keep you cool.

Are tower fans energy efficient?

In general, tower fans are built to conserve energy when in operation, making them an efficient way to cool your home.

Therefore, investing in a tower fan or any other household fan will cost you less to move cool air in the room than AC units which are more expensive.

Why Should You Buy A Tower Fan?

Tower fans have more advantages than disadvantages as they outperform other types of fans like pedestals and box fans.

Here are important reasons why you should buy a tower fan:-

Stylish and classic design

In today’s market, modern tower fans are designed with amazing styles that perfectly blend with any interior decor. They’re also portable, stable, and space efficient.

They are tall and slender, so they can fit into any corner without taking up much room.


Sometimes fans can be very distracting, especially when they are running. Modern tower fans are designed to create the least amount of noise possible when running; they are actually quieter than air coolers and AC units.

It is almost impossible to notice a tower fan running at a low speed when cooling the room in summer, giving more peace.

keeps the room air fresh and clean

This advanced tower fan comes with built-in filters and ionizers that help remove dust and pollen from the air and purify it further using an ionizer imitation.

Affordable prices.

Most tower fans on the market come with several key product features that will not only cool the room but also remove dust and purify the air; they are more affordable and cost less than $100.

The key benefit of this product is that it will cool your room temperatures more efficiently and last a long time.

Energy Saver

Tower fans are often built to save energy by turning off after a certain period of time. The user can set a specific time when the tower fan should turn off when not in use.


We all want to know how much a device might cost us regarding electricity usage before making that final purchase decision.

Regarding tower fans, we have noticed that there are three options to choose from, as the type of tower fan you purchase will directly impact your monthly electric bill.

By researching which tower fan is the best and does the intended purpose without consuming too much electricity, you’ll be able to find the most suitable choice.

As this article gives you a clear perspective on which tower fan best suits your needs, we have conducted an in-depth study on the best tower fans in each category.

Recommended Tower Fans According to Reddit


Are tower fans powerful?

Yes, tower fans are powerful and can move cool air to distant locations, but they are not as powerful as pedestal fans. Tower fans are best known for moving cool air in a wide direction, creating a soothing cool breeze sensation on hot summer days.

If you are looking for a more powerful fan, you might consider a pedestal fan as they are more powerful than tower fans.

In terms of design, pedestal fans are more basic in appearance than traditional old-fashioned fans. Their main advantages are their quietness and height, unlike tower fans.

Additionally, pedestal fans are perfect for large living rooms with strong air circulation needs. The long stand makes it easy to position the fan behind other furniture and fits perfectly.

Do tower fans blow cold air?

Yes, most tower fans are designed to draw in colder air from the surrounding area and circulate it evenly throughout the room. The air that is blown through the tower fan blows against perspiration, giving you a cool effect.

Tower fan not blowing Cold air

If your tower fan is not blowing cold air, there could be a fault causing it to not function properly. This could be due to clogged grills with dust or debris preventing the blade from functioning properly.

It is crucial to clean the tower fan from the inside. This way, all dust, pollen, and sand particles will be removed from the grills, enabling the tower fan to operate as it should.

Leaving it like this may eventually result in the fan becoming completely clogged and thus stopping working.

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