Best Handheld Showerhead with Extra Long Hose

A good shower could go a long way in determining how your day will be or your night as you sleep.

If you are one who enjoys long showers, the timing does not really matter; it could be in the morning before you go to work, in the evening probably after a long tiresome day at work, or any other time of the day.

If you are looking for a handheld showerhead with an extra-long hose, you must become familiar with the features of a handheld shower in order to be in a better position to choose the best one.

For starters, most handheld showerheads have ratings of between 1.5 to 2.5 GPM. Ratings refer to flow rate and the flow rate of water determines the energy consumed by the shower which determines the bills you will have to pay.

For the best models, go for the ones within that range; why would you settle for a drizzle when you could go for a spray?

While it may be rejuvenating to use a higher flow rate, it is actually eco-friendly to standardize, or in any case minimize water flow rate, to conserve water.

Remember; do not be deceived that you get quality gadgets by spending more. Choose considering the features that meet your taste. With that said, let us dive into the products listed below.

7 Best Handheld Showerhead with Extra Long Hose in 20222

1. AquaSense (Gray) 770-980 3 Setting Handheld Shower Head with Ultra-Long Stainless Steel Hose

With AquaSense 770-980 Handheld Shower Head, comfort is assured. Enjoy increased bathroom safety, independence as well as comfort regardless of your bathing position. The hose of this showerhead has its length such that it provides you nothing but comfort.

Its ultra-long 80-inch stainless steel hose is tangle-free, providing flexibility while showering whether you are standing or sitting on a shower chair.

AquaSense 770-980 Handheld Shower Head allows you to experience luxury as you shower, such is the power of AquaSense 770-980 3 settings Handheld Shower Head.

AquaSense 770-980 Handheld Shower Head has 3 spray settings. Activate these settings with an easy-to-turn spray dial. After activation, the general provision of the spray water could be a narrow, standard, or wide spray.

I would personally recommend using the narrow spray as your custom massage mode, and standard and wide as your thorough rinse mode.

At the base of the handle, is a simple on and off rotating control knob. From its name, you can already tell that it functions to control water flow just at the tap by your fingertips.

Enjoy maximum durability hence the timelessness of this hand shower. The AquaSense Handheld shower is made with stainless steel which is not easily corroded, hence rust-free.

Installation is made easy with AquaSense Handheld Shower Head. It has a shower hook, convenient for installation which makes the whole process easy, tool, and a hassle-free assembly.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer – AquaSense
  • Part Number – 770-980
  • Item Weight – 1.19 pounds
  • Product Dimensions – 90 x 3.5 x 1 inches
  • Color – gray
  • Warranty Description – Two-year warranty


  • Easy to install
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Provides value for money
  • Increased personal hygiene


  • The shower hook may not be too secure

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2. HauSun Handheld Shower Head with 5 Spray Settings and Extra Long Hose

HauSun Handheld Shower provides not only a clean, rejuvenating shower but also custom-made options due to its multiple spray settings. It’s a versatile shower head that has 5 spray modes thanks to the jet nozzle for multiple spray patterns.

The spray patterns include the bubble spray, massaging spray, and saturating spray. The remaining two are just combinations of saturating and massaging, saturating and bubble. If you are a pet lover, then this should work in your favor;

the gentle spraying breeze provides a comfortable spa that your dog or cat cannot resist. The spray is gentle; so much so that it will not spook the pet and hence will always be looking forward to its next bath.

When it comes to installation, assembling the HauSun Handheld Shower Head to work is butter spread. Everything is included; the showerhead itself, hose nut, and Teflon plumbing tape.

So the showerhead is 4 inches in diameter, the hose nuts are made of brass to make easy tightening by hand and Teflon plumbing tape is there for more convenience.

HauSun Handheld Shower Head is designed with an on and off switch which allows you to be in control of the water flow.

From when you use this handheld showerhead henceforth, you will no longer need to turn the entire faucet off because you can always pause to avoid wasting water.

It is quite efficient as you shower; bathe your children or pets. With its 6.5 feet extra-long, tangle-free hose, you can now enjoy moving easily within the bathroom without cutting the water supply as you use the shower.

Furthermore, it is tangle-free so no more frustrations as you maneuver around the bathroom during your rejuvenating shower.

Lightweight for easy handling;  Anybody can use it as a matter of fact because lifting the hand shower is so effortless that your energy is basically directed towards the much-needed comfort. Your baby can now bathe itself.

Speaking of versatility and portability, HauSun is at it again giving you more reasons why you should pick it from the store and not consider any other.

It is made with universal connections that allow the HauSun shower head to easily fit into any regular shower plumbing fixture. You can travel with it from place to place and be your own handyman because it is easy to install too.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer – HauSun
  • Item Weight – 1.3 pounds
  • Product Dimension – 5 x 3.6 x 9.6 inches
  • Color – chrome
  • Material – brass, acrylonitrile, Butadiene Styrene
  • Installation Method – wall mounted
  • Universal Adapter Holder Mount for wall


  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Provides value for money
  • Comfortable spa-like experience for you, your children, and your pets
  • High Quality
  • Highly Durable

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3. AquaSpa High Pressure 6 Setting Luxurious Handheld Shower Head

With AquaSpa Handheld Shower Head, shower cleaning is a breeze. Duo-purpose, which means it, can function as an overhead as well as a handheld shower.

Its six exquisite settings are as follows Power Rain, Pulsating massage, Gentle Mist, Rain Massage, Rain Mist, and water-saving pause mode.

Its face is extra-large, 4.2 inches for wider floor coverage; and just large enough to provide you with an unlimited luxurious experience, you will forget what a spa feels like.

Control the water flow rate by clicking the advanced 3-zone Click Dial for more power as well as flow precision. Also, you can prevent unnecessary accidents by holding on to its firm grip thanks to the Anti-slip Handle.

The jet nozzles for AquaSpa Hand shower are anti-clog and cleaning is profoundly super easy. They rarely catch calcium deposits thus forever efficient for superior flow performance.

However if you ever need to clean-check this fixture, you can rub clean the nozzles to maintain high hygiene bathroom standards.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer – Interlink Products
  • Item Weight – 1.5 pounds
  • Product Dimension – 9.7 x 6.2 x 2.5 inches
  • Color – Chrome
  • Style – High Pressure 6 setting luxurious handheld shower head with additional wall bracket
  • Finish – Chrome
  • Flow rate – 2.5 GPM
  • Hose length – 6 feet


  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • High Durability
  • Provides maximum value for money

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4. AquaDance (Chrome) Luxurious Square 6-Setting High-Pressure Stainless Steel Hose

If you want a luxurious shower experience, manufactured and assured by the United States’ finest, the AquaDance Chrome High-Pressure Shower fits the bill. AquaDance Hand Shower has been made with the consumer’s comfort in mind.

This U.S-designed showerhead offers updated shower technology, providing maximum shower performance.

The AquaDance Handheld Shower Head offers high pressure with a 3.5” chrome face. Fit with six luxurious settings, the difference of this hand shower can be felt under low pressure. It’s a high water pressure by default but you can always customize its settings to fit your liking.

The six luxurious settings include Pulsating Massage, Power Rain, Gentle Mist, Two mixed modes as well as Water-saving on or off pause mode.

Enjoy your shower experience of a widened flow trajectory with its oversize 4.3 inches curved surface. Also, enjoy easy maintenance of this bathroom fixture with the flexible anti-clog nozzles.

The face is dramatically extra-large to cover a larger floor surface area. You benefit from this because you no longer have to shift it from side to side in order to receive the well-needed spray.

The anti-clog nozzles on the curved face resist calcium buildup staying clean and clog-free for superior flow performance as well as preserving high hygiene standards.

It can be used as an overhead shower or alternatively with the handheld option. The overhead bracket has an adjustable angle ideal for hands-free use. In addition to that, the extra-long stainless steel hose – 5 feet long- provides for flexibility when moving it.

It also comes with an ergonomic grip handle for a firm grip during a shower. This handheld shower definitely has a knack for the perfect shower experience. AquaDance Chrome Handheld Shower definitely passed the durability test.

With its all-chrome finish, it is a guarantee it never gets to fade, peel off, or even chip.

It never goes out of style thanks to its transitional oval square design. It is exquisite, fashionable, and sophisticated, if you are a trendy person this should be a deal-breaker because with it you are always in style.

Assembling is a breeze. I mean if you can make Lego pieces fit into each other, then you can definitely pull off connecting this AquaDance Chrome Shower. The showerhead can fit any standard shower arm.

All you need are just three hand-tighten connections with a solid brass bracket and hose nuts that will not strip. All this assemblage is tool-free you wouldn’t need a plumber to do it for you.

It comes also with a lifetime warranty.  

Product Information

  • Manufacture – Interlink Products
  • Item Weight – 1.3 pounds
  • Dimension of the Product – 11 x 6 x 3 inches
  • Color – chrome
  • Flow rate – 2.5 GPM
  • Installation method – Wall Mounted
  • Hose length – 6 feet
  • Included Components – Handheld shower head with stainless steel hose, shower head extra-long 72”, Teflon tape, Washer’s guide as well as an installation guide.


  • Lightweight
  • High-pressure water output
  • Great value for money
  • Easy installation
  • Higher durability
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Mostly made of plastic

Some customers complained of leak issues after a month or two of using it

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5. AquaBliss TheraSpa 6 Mode Massage with High Pressure

If you are looking for an upgrade, from a normal shower to a well-relaxing spa, choose AquaBliss TheraSpa.

It has a flow rate of 2.5 GPM, and low water pressure by default but can be increased by removing the restrictor. A therapeutic massage, I mean this is the whole point of AquaBliss TheraSpa Hand Shower.

Well designed with 6 massage combinations that relieve you of stress or tension. The general effect it leaves is that of relaxation and luxury, not to mention the revitalizing after-bath feeling.

The water-saving mode reduces flow by 80%, so you get to enjoy the most relaxing shower while saving water and being eco-friendly while at it.

The showerhead is lightweight and its hose is tangle-free. The hose length is 6.5 feet. I would recommend this one especially if you live in a home with incapacitated persons, young children, or pets.

Its lightweight makes it easy to carry and the extra-long hose is at the perfect length to allow for maneuverability. The showerhead is removable in the instance you prefer to bathe independently.

Enjoy a timeless gadget with unbeatable durability. AquaBliss is truly bliss, thanks to the craftsmanship of the showerhead.

Made with high-quality, torrent-defying, water-resistant plastics plus a stainless steel hose as well as brass nuts, this showerhead gives you service for every penny you spend. Lasts longer and gives you quality service.

Installation is easy-peasy and will be done in just a few minutes. During packaging, an installation guide is put to provide you with step-by-step instructions.

All you need to do is follow each step religiously and you will have it ready in a few. The showerhead fits universally with standard shower arms making it versatile; you can travel with it from place to place and use it wherever.

Has a 12-month warranty after buying.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer – AquaBliss
  • Item Weight – 1.8 pounds
  • Dimensions of the Product – 5.8 x 3.2 x 10.9 inches
  • Color – chrome
  • Material – nickel
  • Flow rate – 2.5 Gallons per minute
  • Hose length – 6.5 feet


  • Easy Maneuverability
  • Easy Installation
  • Lightweight
  • Highly Durable
  • High value for money

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6. Supreme 6 Spray Settings High-Pressure XL Handheld Shower

From the design perspective, the Supreme 6 Spray Settings XL Handheld Shower has a 4.8-inch wide surface area that provides a powerful rain spray even with low water pressure. The maximum water flow rate of 2.5 GPM (Gallons per Minute);

if you prefer it to be unlimited, you can always remove the flow constrictor.

 Enjoy a high-performing showering experience with 6 spray modes.

The shower modes include Dynamic-Massager Mode, Stimulating-Mixed Spray, Thorough-Rinse Mode, Gentle Soothing-Mist Mode, and Full-Body High-Pressure Shower Mode, and a distinctive Water Trickle Mode.

It’s easy to install. No hassle at all. No tools are needed. Supreme High-Pressure Handheld Shower is equipped with everything needed for ease of installation.

You can save yourself the worry of having to hire a plumber to do the assemblage because all you need to be is hands-on as you follow the instruction manual.

Hose is 69” extra-long, super-flexible, and tangle-free for maximum comfortable showers. The set comes with 2 extra washers, so in the total package, you have 4 washers.

All these are made with rust-proof and high-density stainless steel. It also has an anti-wrap 360 Brass swivel connector.

Has proof of quality as it is accredited by the national USA and Canada Plumbing Certificate. High-quality materials used by manufacturers include chrome-plated durable ABS material which makes it light and durable.

On top of that is an offer of a limited lifetime warranty as well as Friendly Customer Support.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer – Paz Assets
  • Item Weight – 1.87 pounds
  • Product – Dimensions – 12.05 x 6.34 x 4.41 inches
  • Color – Chrome
  • Flow Rate – 2.5 GPM


  • Easy Installation
  • Highly Durable
  • High Water Output Pressure
  • Saves on Cost
  • Easy to use
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

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7. Vive Handheld Shower Head with Chrome Finish

You can shower at any time of the day with vive handheld showerhead. If you ever have second thoughts about this, think of the versatile shower features it entails.

Five spray modes which comprise of saturating spray, massaging spray, bubble spray, saturating and massaging, as well as saturating and bubble.

Not limited to high pressure, control the flow rate to a trickle or stop the high-pressure flow with a convenient pause feature, while maintaining temperature settings.

Enjoy the hassle-free installation it has to offer. The handheld showerhead is 4” in diameter and comes with brass hose nuts to make it easy as you tighten it with your hands.

Well equipped with Teflon plumbing tape and universal connections which allow Vive Handheld Showerhead to fit any other standard shower.

Its hose is extra-long and flexible and can be easily maneuvered whatever the shower position. Enjoy the perfect shower experience on a stable shower chair, while standing and as you wash your children or pets.

Despite its extra length of 6.5 feet, the hose does not tangle ultimately giving you the benefit of maximized convenience and flexibility.

Product Information

  • Manufacturer – Vive Health
  • Item Weight – 1.32 pounds
  • Product Dimensions – 9.6 x 5 x 3.6 inches
  • Color – chrome
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Installation Method – Wall Mounted
  • Hose length – 6.5 feet
  • Included in packaging – Vive Handheld Shower Head, Stainless Steel Hose, Teflon Plumbing Tape, and manual


  • Ease of installation
  • Lightweight
  • Highly Durable
  • Comes with a universal adapter
  • Offers value for money


  • The hose ends do not swivel. This basically means that you cannot position the unit in the mount easily

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Handheld showerheads more often than not give you options as compared to standard fixed showerheads. This is owing to the additional reach offered by a 50-inch or 80-inch foot hose.

In addition to that, hand showers are best for massaging sore muscles and body aches. All you need to do is change the spray mode to the powerful massage spray setting and then direct it over the area that needs therapy.

Nothing beats the versatility of a handheld shower.

There is a standard hose that is 5 inches long and an alternative 8 inches extra long to extend the shower head’s reach. Handheld showerheads are custom-made to suit your comfort.

So in the instance whereby you need to use both hands, you can always insert the base of the handheld shower into its holder; so you don’t have to be entirely condemned to adjusting to one style of bathing.

Gift yourself with one of our very efficient handheld shower heads with an extra-long hose and enjoy the most favorable choice, just because we know you deserve a good relaxing shower at an affordable price.

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What Is A Handheld Showerhead with An Extra-Long Hose?

A handheld showerhead with an extra-long hose is a versatile and innovative bathroom fixture designed to enhance the convenience and functionality of your showering experience. At its core, it consists of two primary components: the handheld showerhead and the extended hose.

Handheld Showerhead: The handheld showerhead is a detachable showerhead unit that you can hold in your hand while showering. Unlike traditional fixed showerheads that are mounted to the wall or ceiling, the handheld showerhead is connected to the hose, allowing you to move it around freely.

This mobility is particularly useful for directing the water spray precisely where you need it.

Extra-Long Hose: What sets this type of showerhead apart is the inclusion of an extra-long hose. This hose typically measures around 6 feet (72 inches) or longer. The extended length of the hose provides a significant advantage, as it allows for increased reach and flexibility when using the handheld showerhead.

  • Enhanced Mobility: The extended hose gives you the freedom to reach areas of your body that may be difficult to access with a fixed showerhead, making it more convenient for tasks like rinsing your feet, washing your pets, or thoroughly cleaning the shower enclosure.
  • Easier Cleaning: The extended hose also simplifies the process of cleaning the shower itself. You can direct the water spray precisely where it’s needed, making it easier to rinse away soap scum, shampoo residue, and mineral deposits from the tiles and fixtures.
  • Versatility: A handheld showerhead with an extra-long hose is a versatile addition to any bathroom. It accommodates various showering preferences, from a gentle, wide spray for relaxation to a focused, high-pressure stream for a more invigorating experience.
  • Convenient Installation: Many of these showerheads are designed for straightforward installation. They often feature universal connectors that fit most standard shower arms or plumbing fixtures, and they require minimal tools and expertise.
  • Aesthetics: These showerheads come in a range of designs, finishes, and materials, allowing you to choose one that complements your bathroom decor and style.

In summary, a handheld showerhead with an extra-long hose combines the benefits of mobility, convenience, and versatility, making it a valuable addition to your bathroom.

Whether you seek a more flexible showering experience, an easier way to clean your shower, or simply a way to cater to various shower preferences, this type of fixture can provide a solution that enhances your daily routine and bathing enjoyment.

What Are the Benefits of Using A Handheld Showerhead with An Extra-Long Hose?

Using a handheld showerhead with an extra-long hose offers a multitude of benefits, transforming your showering experience in several ways. Here’s a detailed explanation of the advantages:

Enhanced Mobility and Reach: The primary advantage of an extra-long hose is the increased mobility and reach it provides. With a standard fixed showerhead, you’re confined to a specific position in the shower.

However, with a handheld showerhead and an extended hose, you can move the spray to virtually any part of your body, making it easier to rinse, clean, and bathe.

Convenient Showering for All Ages: Handheld showerheads are incredibly versatile and accommodating for individuals of all ages. They are particularly useful for parents bathing young children or caregivers assisting elderly family members.

The extended hose allows you to control the water flow precisely, ensuring a comfortable and thorough shower experience for everyone.

Effortless Cleaning: Handheld showerheads with extra-long hoses simplify the task of cleaning your shower or bathtub. You can direct the spray to rinse away soap scum, shampoo residue, and cleaning agents from various angles, making it more efficient and effective.

This not only saves time but also helps maintain a cleaner and more hygienic bathing space.

Pet-Friendly Bathing: If you have pets, a handheld showerhead with an extended hose can be a game-changer. You can easily wash and rinse your furry companions without the need for a separate pet shower or bathtub.

This is especially beneficial for dogs, as it allows you to get them thoroughly clean while minimizing the mess.

A Therapeutic Shower Experience: Some handheld showerheads offer multiple spray settings, including massage or pulsating modes. These settings can provide a therapeutic and soothing experience, relieving muscle tension and promoting relaxation.

The ability to control the water direction and pressure adds to the overall comfort.

Water Conservation: Many handheld showerheads with extra-long hoses are designed with water-saving features, such as flow restrictors or aerators. These features help reduce water consumption while maintaining satisfactory water pressure.

This eco-friendly aspect can lead to lower water bills and a reduced environmental impact.

Easy Installation and Maintenance: Most of these showerheads are designed for easy installation and maintenance. They often come with simple instructions and require no specialized tools. Cleaning the showerhead or replacing it is also straightforward.

Versatile Showering Preferences: These showerheads often offer adjustable spray patterns, allowing you to switch between a gentle rain-like spray, a concentrated stream, or a pulsating massage. This versatility caters to different showering preferences and moods, ensuring a personalized bathing experience.

Adaptability to Rental Properties: If you’re living in a rental property, a handheld showerhead with an extra-long hose is a practical choice. It’s easy to install and can be removed without damaging the existing plumbing. You can simply reinstall the original showerhead when you move out.

In summary, using a handheld showerhead with an extra-long hose is a practical and versatile choice for your bathroom. It offers flexibility, convenience, and improved functionality for everyday showering, cleaning, and caregiving tasks.

Whether you want to simplify your daily routine, create a more spa-like experience, or make bathing more accessible for all members of your household, this type of showerhead can provide numerous benefits.

How Long Should the Hose Be for It to Be Considered “Extra-Long”?

The designation of an “extra-long” hose for a handheld showerhead is somewhat subjective and can vary based on individual preferences and needs. However, in the context of bathroom fixtures, an extra-long hose typically refers to a hose length that exceeds the standard length found in most traditional showerheads.

Standard Shower Hose Length: A standard shower hose that comes with most fixed showerheads or basic handheld showerheads is usually around 4 to 6 feet in length (approximately 48 to 72 inches). This length is sufficient for typical showering needs and allows for some movement within the shower stall or bathtub.

Extra-Long Shower Hose Length: To be considered “extra-long,” a shower hose is typically longer than the standard range, often exceeding 6 feet in length.

Common extra-long hose lengths for handheld showerheads can range from 72 inches (6 feet) to 120 inches (10 feet) or more. The specific length you choose depends on your requirements and preferences.

Factors Influencing Hose Length Choice: The decision to opt for an extra-long hose should be based on several factors:

Shower Enclosure Size: Consider the size of your shower or bathtub enclosure. A larger shower stall may benefit from a longer hose to ensure that you have ample reach and mobility.

User Height: Taller individuals may prefer a longer hose to ensure that the handheld showerhead can be comfortably positioned at the desired height without causing strain.

Mobility and Accessibility: If you have mobility concerns or require assistance during bathing, an extra-long hose can provide added convenience for reaching different areas of the body or assisting with bathing tasks.

Pet Bathing: If you plan to use the handheld showerhead for pet bathing, a longer hose is highly advantageous. It allows you to reach all parts of your pet without them having to move around excessively.

Cleaning: If you intend to use the handheld showerhead for cleaning purposes, such as rinsing the shower walls or bathtub, a longer hose provides more flexibility and makes the task easier.

Personal Preferences: Ultimately, the choice of hose length also comes down to personal preference. Some individuals simply prefer the freedom and flexibility of an extra-long hose, even in smaller shower spaces.

In summary, the designation of an “extra-long” hose for a handheld showerhead is typically associated with hose lengths that exceed the standard range found in most shower fixtures. The exact length considered “extra-long” can vary, but it often begins at around 6 feet and can extend to longer lengths.

The choice of hose length depends on individual needs, including the size of the shower enclosure, user height, mobility requirements, and personal preferences for an enhanced showering experience.

Can I Install A Handheld Showerhead with An Extra-Long Hose Myself?

Yes, you can typically install a handheld showerhead with an extra-long hose yourself, as many models are designed for straightforward do-it-yourself (DIY) installation. Here’s an expanded explanation of the process and considerations:

1. Check the Compatibility: Before you begin, ensure that the handheld showerhead you’ve chosen is compatible with your existing shower setup. Most handheld showerheads come with universal connectors that fit standard shower arms or plumbing fixtures.

However, it’s still a good idea to double-check to avoid any compatibility issues.

2. Gather Necessary Tools: You’ll need a few basic tools for the installation. These usually include an adjustable wrench or pliers, Teflon tape (thread seal tape), and a rag or cloth to protect the finish of your shower arm or plumbing fixtures.

3. Turn Off the Water: Before you start the installation, turn off the water supply to your shower. You can usually do this by turning the shut-off valve located near the showerhead or by shutting off the main water supply to your home.

4. Remove the Existing Showerhead: If you have a fixed showerhead in place, you’ll need to remove it first. Use your wrench or pliers to loosen and unscrew the old showerhead counterclockwise. Be careful not to damage the shower arm or the pipe behind it during this process.

5. Apply Teflon Tape: To prevent leaks, wrap a few layers of Teflon tape clockwise around the threads of the shower arm. This helps create a secure and watertight seal when you install the new handheld showerhead.

6. Attach the Hose: Attach one end of the extra-long hose to the handheld showerhead itself. Ensure it’s securely tightened but avoid over-tightening, which could damage the connection.

7. Connect the Hose to the Shower Arm: Now, connect the other end of the hose to the shower arm or the plumbing fixture you’ve prepared with Teflon tape. Hand-tighten it initially, and then use the wrench or pliers to gently snug it up without over-tightening.

8. Turn On the Water: After everything is securely connected, turn the water supply back on. Check for any leaks around the connections. If you notice any leaks, tighten the connections slightly more to ensure a proper seal.

9. Test the Handheld Showerhead: Finally, test the handheld showerhead by turning it on and checking the water flow. Adjust the spray settings to your preference. Ensure that the hose is long enough to reach all areas of the shower or bathtub.

10. Secure the Hose: If your handheld showerhead comes with a bracket or holder, you can secure it to the wall at a convenient height. This allows you to keep the showerhead in place when you’re not using it.

11. Enjoy Your New Shower Experience: With your handheld showerhead and extra-long hose installed, you can now enjoy the added convenience, flexibility, and versatility it provides during your showers.

Overall, the installation of a handheld showerhead with an extra-long hose is a relatively simple DIY project that can be completed in a short amount of time.

If you follow the manufacturer’s instructions that come with the product and take the necessary precautions, you can achieve a successful installation without the need for professional plumbing services.

What Features Should I Look for In the Best Handheld Showerhead with An Extra-Long Hose?

Selecting the best handheld showerhead with an extra-long hose involves considering several important features to ensure it meets your specific needs and preferences. Here’s an expanded explanation of the key features you should look for:

1. Hose Length: The primary feature to consider is, of course, the length of the hose. Extra-long hoses typically range from 6 feet (72 inches) to 10 feet (120 inches) or longer. The ideal length depends on the size of your shower or bathtub and your personal requirements for reach and mobility.

2. Hose Material: Pay attention to the material of the hose. High-quality hoses are often made of flexible and durable materials like stainless steel, brass, or high-grade plastic. These materials are resistant to kinks and tangles, ensuring a long-lasting and trouble-free experience.

3. Showerhead Spray Settings: The best handheld showerheads offer multiple spray settings, allowing you to customize your shower experience. Common spray patterns include rain, massage, mist, and high-pressure options. Look for a model with a variety of settings to suit different preferences and needs.

4. Water Pressure: Consider the water pressure compatibility of the showerhead. Some models are designed to work well in low-pressure environments, while others are optimized for high-pressure systems.

Ensure that the showerhead you choose is compatible with your home’s water pressure to maintain an enjoyable shower experience.

5. Flow Rate: Check the flow rate, which is typically measured in gallons per minute (GPM). Many handheld showerheads are designed to be water-efficient, featuring flow restrictors that reduce water consumption while maintaining adequate pressure. This can be both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

6. Material and Finish: Evaluate the material and finish of the handheld showerhead itself. Common materials include chrome, brushed nickel, or plastic. Choose a finish that matches your bathroom decor and is resistant to corrosion and tarnishing.

7. Ergonomic Design: Look for a handheld showerhead with an ergonomic design, including a comfortable and non-slip grip handle. An ergonomic handle ensures ease of use and prevents hand fatigue during longer showers.

8. Mounting Options: Check if the showerhead comes with a mounting bracket or holder. This feature allows you to secure the handheld showerhead at a convenient height, providing hands-free use when necessary. Adjustable brackets offer flexibility in positioning.

9. Easy Installation: Opt for a model that offers easy DIY installation. Most handheld showerheads are designed to be user-friendly and come with clear installation instructions. Ensure that it fits your existing shower arm or plumbing without the need for additional adapters or modifications.

10. Hose Flexibility: Assess the flexibility of the hose. A flexible and maneuverable hose is essential for convenient use. It should move easily and not become tangled or kinked during use.

11. Anti-Clog Nozzles: Some handheld showerheads feature anti-clog nozzles that prevent mineral buildup and make cleaning easier. This feature helps maintain consistent water flow and spray patterns over time.

12. Warranty: Check the warranty offered by the manufacturer. A longer warranty period often indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s durability and performance. It provides peace of mind in case of any defects or issues.

13. Brand Reputation: Consider the reputation of the brand and read reviews from other users. Reputable brands with positive customer feedback are more likely to deliver reliable and high-quality products.

By carefully considering these features, you can choose the best handheld showerhead with an extra-long hose that aligns with your preferences and showering needs.

Whether you prioritize hose length, spray settings, water efficiency, or aesthetics, selecting the right combination of features ensures an enjoyable and customized shower experience.

Are There Water-Saving Options Available in Handheld Showerheads with Extra-Long Hoses?

Yes, there are water-saving options available in handheld showerheads with extra-long hoses. These options are designed to help conserve water while maintaining a satisfying shower experience. Here’s an expanded explanation of water-saving features you may find in such showerheads:

1. Flow Restrictors: Many handheld showerheads come equipped with flow restrictors. These are devices installed inside the showerhead that limit the amount of water flowing through the showerhead. Flow restrictors are designed to reduce water consumption without compromising water pressure.

They are typically adjustable, allowing you to choose a flow rate that suits your preferences.

2. Aerators: Aerators are another common water-saving feature in handheld showerheads. They introduce air into the water stream, creating the sensation of higher water pressure while using less water.

Aerated showerheads can be an excellent choice for those who want to maintain a strong, invigorating shower experience while conserving water.

3. Low Flow Rate: Water-saving handheld showerheads are designed to have a lower flow rate compared to standard models.

The flow rate is usually measured in gallons per minute (GPM). Water-efficient showerheads often have a flow rate of 2.0 GPM or less, which is significantly lower than older, less efficient models that can flow at 2.5 GPM or more.

4. Eco Mode or Water-Saving Settings: Some handheld showerheads have an eco mode or a specific water-saving setting that you can select.

This setting further reduces the water flow while maintaining adequate pressure. It’s a convenient way to save water when you don’t require a high flow rate, such as during a quick rinse.

5. Pause or Trickle Feature: Many water-saving handheld showerheads include a pause or trickle feature. This feature temporarily reduces the water flow to a trickle while you lather up or perform tasks that don’t require a continuous stream of water.

It’s a practical way to save water without turning off the shower entirely and readjusting the temperature.

6. WaterSense Certification: Look for handheld showerheads with the WaterSense certification logo. WaterSense is a program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that identifies water-efficient products.

Showerheads with this certification meet specific water-saving criteria and are a reliable choice for conserving water without sacrificing performance.

7. Energy and Cost Savings: Water-saving showerheads not only conserve water but also help reduce energy costs. Using less hot water means lower energy bills, as you’re heating less water for your showers. This is not only environmentally friendly but also financially advantageous.

8. Environmental Impact: By choosing a water-saving handheld showerhead, you contribute to conserving one of our planet’s most valuable resources – water. Reducing water consumption helps decrease the strain on water sources and reduces the environmental impact associated with water treatment and distribution.

In summary, handheld showerheads with extra-long hoses often come with a variety of water-saving options and features that allow you to reduce water consumption without compromising your shower experience.

These features include flow restrictors, aerators, low flow rates, eco modes, and more. By selecting a water-saving handheld showerhead, you can play a part in conserving water and energy while still enjoying a comfortable and refreshing shower.

Can I Use A Handheld Showerhead with An Extra-Long Hose in A Rental Apartment?

Yes, you can typically use a handheld showerhead with an extra-long hose in a rental apartment, and doing so can offer several advantages. Here’s an expanded explanation of how and why you can use one in a rental:

1. Easy Installation and Removal: Most handheld showerheads are designed for easy installation and removal. They often feature standard connectors that fit over the existing shower arm or plumbing fixture.

This means you can install the handheld showerhead without the need for major modifications or professional plumbing services.

2. No Permanent Alterations: Using a handheld showerhead with an extra-long hose doesn’t require any permanent alterations to the apartment’s plumbing. This is especially important in rental properties, where tenants are typically restricted from making structural or permanent changes.

3. Compatibility with Existing Plumbing: These showerheads are compatible with most standard shower arms and plumbing fixtures. As long as the apartment’s shower setup includes a standard shower arm, you should be able to install the handheld showerhead without any issues.

4. Portability: The handheld showerhead is portable and can be easily removed and reinstalled. When you move out of the rental apartment, you can take the handheld showerhead with you to your new residence, ensuring that you get continued use from your investment.

5. Customization: Using a handheld showerhead with an extra-long hose allows you to customize your showering experience to your liking. You can adjust the height, angle, and water flow according to your preferences, enhancing your daily shower routine without permanent modifications.

6. Enhanced Showering Experience: The flexibility provided by an extra-long hose can significantly enhance your showering experience. You can direct the water flow precisely where you want it, making it easier to rinse, clean, or assist with various tasks.

7. Accessibility and Convenience: If you have specific accessibility needs, such as needing to sit while showering, a handheld showerhead with an extra-long hose can be especially beneficial. It provides greater flexibility and convenience for individuals with varying mobility levels.

8. No Impact on Deposit: Because using a handheld showerhead with an extra-long hose doesn’t require any structural changes, it typically doesn’t affect your security deposit when you move out of the rental apartment. You can easily restore the shower to its original state.

9. Cost-Effective Solution: These showerheads are a cost-effective way to improve your showering experience and tailor it to your preferences without the expense and hassle of major bathroom renovations.

10. Respect Lease Agreements: Always be sure to review your rental lease agreement or speak with your landlord or property management before making any changes to the apartment’s fixtures.

While most handheld showerheads are considered non-invasive and are allowed in rental properties, it’s essential to respect the terms of your lease.

In summary, using a handheld showerhead with an extra-long hose in a rental apartment is a practical and tenant-friendly solution. It offers customization, convenience, and enhanced functionality without the need for permanent alterations or violating rental agreements.

Be sure to communicate with your landlord or property management if you have any concerns or questions about installing one in your rental apartment.

Are There Handheld Showerheads with Extra-Long Hoses Suitable for Low Water Pressure?

Yes, there are handheld showerheads with extra-long hoses that are specifically designed to be suitable for low water pressure environments.

These showerheads are engineered to optimize water flow and ensure a satisfactory showering experience even when the water pressure is less than ideal. Here’s an expanded explanation of how these showerheads work and what to look for:

1. High-Pressure Spray Settings: Handheld showerheads suitable for low water pressure often come with high-pressure spray settings. These settings are designed to boost the water pressure, creating a more invigorating shower experience.

Look for showerheads that offer adjustable spray patterns, including settings like massage or pulsating modes, which can provide a stronger water flow.

2. Pressure-Boosting Technology: Some handheld showerheads incorporate advanced technology to enhance water pressure. This technology can include specialized nozzles, chambers, or components designed to increase the force of the water stream, compensating for low water pressure from the source.

3. Water-Saving Design: While boosting water pressure, many of these showerheads are also designed to be water-efficient. They may include flow restrictors or aerators that help reduce overall water consumption without compromising the perceived water pressure. This is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

4. Adjustable Flow Rate: Look for showerheads that allow you to adjust the flow rate to suit your preferences. Being able to fine-tune the flow rate ensures that you can find the right balance between water pressure and water conservation.

5. Low-Flow Showerheads: Some low-pressure handheld showerheads are specifically labeled as “low-flow.” These showerheads are engineered to operate efficiently even when water pressure is less than optimal.

They typically have a lower flow rate, often around 1.5 to 2.0 gallons per minute (GPM), and are designed to maintain a satisfying shower experience with minimal water usage.

6. Easy Maintenance: Handheld showerheads suitable for low water pressure are often designed for easy maintenance. They may include features like self-cleaning nozzles that prevent mineral buildup and clogging. This ensures consistent water flow over time, even in areas with hard water.

7. WaterSense Certification: Some models may carry the WaterSense certification, which is awarded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to water-efficient products. WaterSense-certified showerheads are designed to deliver a satisfactory shower experience while using less water.

8. Compatibility with Low-Pressure Systems: Ensure that the handheld showerhead you choose is compatible with low-pressure plumbing systems. While many models are suitable for both high and low-pressure systems, it’s essential to double-check the manufacturer’s specifications to confirm compatibility.

9. Brand Reputation: Consider purchasing from reputable brands that are known for producing high-quality showerheads designed for low water pressure. Reading reviews from other users can also provide valuable insights into a product’s performance in low-pressure environments.

In summary, handheld showerheads with extra-long hoses suitable for low water pressure are engineered to optimize water flow and provide a satisfying shower experience, even in areas with less-than-ideal water pressure.

These showerheads may include features such as high-pressure spray settings, pressure-boosting technology, water-saving design, and adjustable flow rates to ensure a comfortable and efficient showering experience while conserving water.

When shopping for such showerheads, prioritize models that meet your specific preferences and needs for low water pressure environments.

Do Handheld Showerheads with Extra-Long Hoses Come with A Warranty?

Handheld showerheads with extra-long hoses often come with warranties provided by the manufacturer. These warranties serve to guarantee the quality and durability of the product, giving consumers peace of mind and assurance that the showerhead will perform as expected.

Here’s an expanded explanation of what you should know about warranties for these showerheads:

1. Manufacturer’s Warranty: The warranty for handheld showerheads can vary in terms of duration and coverage, but it is typically provided by the manufacturer.

It is a legally binding agreement that outlines the terms and conditions under which the manufacturer will repair or replace the product if it experiences defects or malfunctions during the specified warranty period.

2. Warranty Duration: The duration of warranties for handheld showerheads can vary significantly. Common warranty periods range from one year to a limited lifetime warranty. Longer warranty periods are often indicative of the manufacturer’s confidence in the product’s durability and performance.

3. Coverage: Warranty coverage can also differ between products and manufacturers. It’s important to carefully read and understand what the warranty covers. Typically, warranties cover defects in materials and workmanship.

Some warranties may also include coverage for specific components, such as the hose or showerhead body. However, warranties generally do not cover damage caused by misuse, neglect, or improper installation.

4. Registration: Some manufacturers may require you to register your product within a specific timeframe after purchase to activate the warranty. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions or website to see if registration is necessary.

5. Proof of Purchase: To make a warranty claim, you will likely need to provide proof of purchase, such as a sales receipt or invoice. It’s important to keep these documents in a safe place in case you need to file a warranty claim in the future.

6. Warranty Service: If you encounter a defect or malfunction covered by the warranty during the warranty period, you can typically contact the manufacturer’s customer service or support department to initiate a warranty claim.

They will guide you through the process, which may include sending the defective part or product back for inspection or repair.

7. Replacement or Repair: Depending on the manufacturer’s policy and the specific issue with the product, they may choose to repair the defective part or provide a replacement product. The manufacturer’s warranty terms will outline their course of action.

8. Limits and Exclusions: It’s essential to be aware of any limits or exclusions within the warranty. For example, some warranties may exclude damage from hard water deposits or improper maintenance. Be sure to adhere to the recommended maintenance and care instructions provided by the manufacturer to avoid voiding the warranty.

9. Customer Reviews: Reading customer reviews and feedback can provide insights into the manufacturer’s warranty service and how well they honor their warranty commitments. Positive reviews regarding warranty support are a good indicator of a reputable manufacturer.

In summary, many handheld showerheads with extra-long hoses do come with warranties provided by the manufacturer. These warranties vary in terms of duration and coverage but are designed to offer consumers protection against defects or malfunctions.

It’s essential to read and understand the warranty terms, register your product if required, and keep proof of purchase in case you need to make a warranty claim. By doing so, you can ensure that you receive the full benefits of the warranty should any issues arise with your showerhead.

Where Can I Find Reviews and Recommendations for The Best Handheld Showerheads with Extra-Long Hoses?

Finding reviews and recommendations for the best handheld showerheads with extra-long hoses can be a helpful step in making an informed purchase decision. Here are some places where you can find valuable insights and advice:

Online Retailers: Online retailers such as Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Wayfair often feature customer reviews and ratings for products, including handheld showerheads. Reading these reviews can provide real-world feedback from people who have purchased and used the product.

Product Manufacturer Websites: Visit the websites of well-known showerhead manufacturers. They often provide detailed product information, customer reviews, and user ratings. Additionally, you can find information about product warranties and specifications.

Home Improvement Forums: Websites and forums dedicated to home improvement and DIY projects can be valuable resources.

Users on these platforms often share their experiences with various products, including showerheads. You can ask questions and receive personalized recommendations based on your specific needs.

Consumer Review Websites: Websites like Consumer Reports, CNET, and Wirecutter conduct in-depth product testing and provide unbiased reviews and recommendations. These websites often have dedicated sections for bathroom fixtures, including handheld showerheads.

YouTube: Many YouTubers create video reviews and demonstrations of various showerheads, including handheld models with extra-long hoses. Watching these videos can give you a visual understanding of the product’s features and performance.

Social Media: Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest may feature posts and reviews from users who have purchased and installed handheld showerheads. You can search for relevant hashtags or join home improvement groups to connect with enthusiasts and get recommendations.

Home and Lifestyle Magazines: Magazines focused on home improvement, lifestyle, or interior design often include product reviews and recommendations. Check the latest issues or online editions for insights on the best showerheads.

Bathroom and Plumbing Showrooms: If you have access to physical bathroom and plumbing showrooms, consider visiting them. You can speak with knowledgeable staff, ask questions, and see different showerheads in person. Showrooms may also have product catalogs with customer reviews.

Word of Mouth: Don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth recommendations from friends, family members, or neighbors who have recently purchased a handheld showerhead. They can provide firsthand accounts of their experiences and satisfaction with a particular product.

Online Retailer Best Seller Lists: Online retailers often curate lists of best-selling products in various categories, including bathroom fixtures. These lists can be a good starting point to see which showerheads are popular among buyers.

When researching handheld showerheads with extra-long hoses, it’s important to consider your specific needs and preferences.

Look for reviews and recommendations from sources you trust, and pay attention to factors like water pressure, hose length, spray settings, and any additional features that align with your showering requirements.

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